Loyalty programs have been tested time and time again, and have proven to be successful in numerous industries.The slight expenses people incur by instituting a loyalty rewards program may be overshadowed by the additional business generated as a result. Increase the chances that existing clients will share this joy with those close to them. This in turn, carries on in a word-of-mouth cyclical nature that continues to achieve growth for your business.

Nearals Digital Loyalty Platform works on the basis of reward programs (points, offers discount etc.) offered by retailers to customers. It uses a gamification framework that tracks customer behavioural trends, purchase history etc. Gamification works because it motivates customers to do something, by giving digital rewards for all physical activities. The customer’s curiosity is always heightened since he/she is given rewards at regular intervals. Friendly competition, by revealing leader boards and real time experiences of other customers, keeps them motivated.

Nearals tracks customers and gives exclusive offers / rewards to returning customers, as per the rules of the game for a particular shop. The retailer can set the rules of a game, where the platform rewards frequent customers, customers who purchase for more than a particular amount etc. The system is designed on a gamification framework that applies typical elements of game playing such as point scoring, rules of play etc., to encourage engagement. For example, if a customer visits the same shop more than 3 or 4 times, he/she will be rewarded with free products or loyalty points or 80-100% discount for subsequent purchases.