Thousands of people visit malls and supermarkets everyday, but how many of them go back with everything they require? They find it difficult to locate the right store, with the best offers and the merchandise that they need.Is there any solution to keep track of the customer population in real time?This is where Nearals comes in.

Nearals is an IOT based platform for tracking and monitoring the functioning and management process in an establishment. It stress on boosting the work flow, efficiency and quality in an enterprise. Nearals’s unique ability to be integrated with all the current systems or devices makes it exemplary.The platform includes software applications both for web base platform and mobile applications and hardware applications as in transceivers and IoT band.It is a product, formulated and realized, to benefit retailers. Nearals offers the perfect solution for tracking real time business and thereby making a focussed marketing campaign based on this.

Nearals is an intelligent and fully automated indoor marketing and customer foot step analytics system, which will be of tremendous benefit to merchants and shopkeepers, as it will increase the footfalls in a store, using real time customer population analytics. The primary purpose of Nearals is to make the customer aware that such a product exists in a particular store, and that different promotional offers can be availed on it. Customer focussed marketing; that is the Nearals promise.