A simple, elegant, and easy to use customer feedback system that employs a user interface with the theme of emoticons. Customer feedback is so important because it provides marketers and business owners with insight, to improve their business, products and/or overall customer experience.Feedback analytics services use customer generated feedback data to measure customer experience and improve customer satisfaction.

Feedback data is collected then, using key performance indicators and feedback metrics, turned into actionable information for product or enterprise improvement. The process of winning new business and retaining existing customers is getting harder and harder. Offering an amazing experience that keeps your customers coming back and referring their friends to you is the best way you can stand out from your competition. Customer feedback offers a direct line of communication with your customer so you can determine if they are not happy with the product or service you are delivering before you lose their business.

A happy customer is a retained customer. By requesting customer feedback surveys regularly, you can ensure that you keep the finger on the pulse of your customers. Customer feedback is the holy grail of tangible data. You can gather real insight into how your customers really feel about the product or service you deliver. Use this feedback to guide your business and marketing decisions. If a large percentage of customers suggest a product feature or want an additional customer service channel, listen to them! Your customers are your livelihood.